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Playing Piano

About Private

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are given one-on-one.  Each lesson is 30 minutes in length on a reoccurring weekly basis. Subject to availability.

It's never late to learn the piano! Kimberly loves to teach absolute beginners up to the advanced-intermediate level. A good starting age is about 7 years old all the way up to adults. 

To learn more about Lessons with Kimberly, students and parents are welcome to view the more detailed Lesson Policies and the signature-required Lesson Agreement forms at any time by accessing the Lesson Info & Signup Docs page.

Interested in signing up? Let's check schedule availability first! Contact Kimberly below.



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The Backstory

My mother would drive me 14 miles into town to take piano lessons as an elementary student every Saturday morning. I continued through early high school and continued my studies into college at the University of South Dakota. I then joined the military as an Army musician, and continued to hone my performance skills through the military and in civilian cover bands.

I began teaching private lessons in 2015, averaging 20-30 private students each week. Each student is a reminder of me giving back to the teachers that have guided me.

What Stands Out

I like to think of myself as the "cool" piano teacher. Whether or not that's true, I like to treat each student as a friend. I know what it's like to sit nervously in "the hot seat" trying to play my best, just hoping that the teacher would think I practiced enough. I understand that music flows more freely when we are comfortable and feel less like we are being judged, but rather, encouraged.


I enjoy working with beginners with little to no experience, ages 7 to adult. I will challenge those beginners to intermediates who crave more advanced techniques, and can tailor the lessons to what suits the student best. 

Why I Teach

When I teach, I feel like I am honoring my late piano teacher from when I was a child. She always said that I could be a piano teacher, which I brushed off until adulthood when I felt drained by "real jobs" that did not use my musical talents and music degree.


I love feeling like I can positively shape young creative minds, and also empower and encourage adults who may feel like they are getting a late start into something they have always wished they had done. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing my students smile.

"I'm happy that I found you! I've enjoyed my lessons and have found so much self-pride in playing."

- Lukas

Adult Beginner

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